Tim Fischer blames the Jews – Again!

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Barney Zwartz writes in The Age that Tim Fischer, the former Australian Deputy PM, claimed the New York Jewish lobby had unfairly blackened the name of WWII Pope Pius XII “in the interests of a modern political agenda”.

“Pius has been criticised for not doing enough to protect Jews during the Holocaust, but Mr Fischer argues…that he did save Jews “and gets zero credit”.

In fact, according to Mr Fischer, Pius instructed Catholics to help Jews, hiding hundreds in convents, monasteries and the Vatican. The Nazis rounded up 1002 of Rome’s 8000 Jews in 1943 and sent them to Auschwitz, but the other 7000 were saved.

…the moment any suggestion is made to consider Pius XII for beatification and sainthood, they hit out at close to full power and use all media avenues to stamp it out.




“The American Jewish lobby is run by hardliners who get their daily feed from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and will cut no slack in terms of Israel’s policies in the West Bank.”

Former Pope unfairly criticised

We’re familiar with the canard that Jews control the media, but it’s interesting to speculate where Tim’s animosity towards the Jews came from. As a Catholic and one-time Ambassador to the Holy See, it’s not surprising he rushes to support the Papacy, but is his animus against Jews more deep-rooted?

Let’s look at some background:

In 1994, Tim was offered a position on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies at the Australian National University, where he helped the Centre obtain generous funds from the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Turkey. Presumably there were strings attached – there usually are – such as downplaying our friendship towards Israel.


In 1997, as Deputy Prime Minister, Tim scandalously invited Yasser Arafat, then leader of the Palestinian Authority, on a state visit. Luckily, John Howard stepped in, declaring a visit to Australia “inappropriate” and withdrew the invitation.

On July 14th, 1998, Tim, then acting PM, addressed the National Trade Forum:

The Middle East is a major destination for our exports of wheat, coal, live sheep, sugar, alumina and wool. It is a market that is growing at a very healthy rate for Australia, with total exports valued at $4.7 billion in 1998 – an increase of around 13 per cent over the previous year. The growth trend is very positive, with the five year growth rate of Australian exports being well over 11 per cent annually.

So did Tim see the economic benefits of getting closer to Arab countries?

There was certainly a change in his attitude. After retiring from politics in 1999, he started openly attacking Israel, bewailing the sufferings of the Palestinians, and becoming increasingly critical of American policy in the Middle East. Referring to the war in Lebanon, he said:

Israel has brutally denied Palestinian rights to statehood in a policy of escalating repression that leaves it increasing bereft of friends. Online Opinion

Tim had became involved in some business dealings with rich Middle East oil states and built up good relations with Arab military backed dictatorships, funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to governments such as Iraq through government agencies like the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation. One deal saw hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money go to the Iraqi Baathist regime via Australian wheat exports.

In 1999, The Parliamentary Friends of Palestine was established, with Tim as Chairman.
He apparently found nothing incongruous about a representative of a Parliamentary democracy supporting a violent anti-democratic regime.

In 2004 Tim was appointed chairman of Tourism Australia, where he showed tremendous interest in Middle Eastern countries, especially the UAE. It was during this time that the Federal Government gave Emirates and Etihad Airlines the go ahead to vastly boost its services between Dubai and Australia, whilst Qatar Airways also entered the Australian market.

In 2009, it was reported that Tim Fischer was accused by Canberra insiders of meeting the infamous Lockerbie bomber during a trip to Libya to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of a bloody military coup that brought Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to power.

Fischer has previously been implicated in peddling unsubstantiated allegations against Israel, including claims that Israel launched a “premeditated and deliberate”
attack on a US Navy ship, when it was clear – except to fringe conspiracy theorists – that it was a tragic “friendly fire” error. Decades after the incident, declassified documents from the US and Israel confirmed that. Read here

He was busted by Ted Lapkin for this blatant misrepresentation of history. Lapkin wrote:

“two years ago, the US National Security Agency released transcripts of Israeli Air Force radio communications intercepts that conclusively proved the incident to be a tragic case of mis-identification”

During the course of the attack, two Israeli helicopters were vectored to the scene with orders to pick up survivors. But unbeknown to the Israelis, an American spy plane was monitoring the frequency being used for communication between the choppers and air traffic control.

Transcripts of the Israeli radio traffic clearly demonstrate that the Israelis were convinced that the Liberty was an Egyptian navy supply vessel.

But upon approaching the Liberty, one of the helicopter pilots identified an American flag flying over the stricken ship. The transcripts indicate that this news caused consternation at Israeli Air Force headquarters.

The tapes of Israeli radio traffic, as well as English translated transcripts, are available on the NSA’s website.
They are confirmed by Marvin Nowicki, a US Navy Arabic/Hebrew linguist who was on the American spy plane that day, reaffirming the original conclusion of the 1967 US Navy court of inquiry that the attack on the USS Liberty was an unfortunate case of wartime friendly fire.

This material is both conclusive and easily accessed…By resurrecting this long discredited calumny, the only thing Fischer proves is own deep-seated bias against Israel. LINK

Finally, I simply can’t resist mentioning the infamous incident when Malcolm Fraser was found with his pants down outside a seedy Memphis bar. People assumed he was drunk or visiting prostitutes, but could there be another, more sinister explanation? Tim obviously thought so.  Michael Danby, in an interview on ABC’s 7.30 report in 2004, said:

Interestingly enough, Tim Fischer was the person who said that the Mossad stole Malcolm Fraser’s pants”. LINK

It seems that, to Jew-haters, there are no depths to which Jews will not stoop – from stealing pants to blackening a Pope’s name!

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